2016 / 9 February

Writing Tips and Honing Your Natural Talents with Author Lurlene McDaniel

“The world may not be perfect and you may not be perfect, but just wait a minute and it’ll change.”

Lurlene McDaniel is an acclaimed author, who’s written over 50 novels dealing with terminal illness and matters of the heart. Lurlene started writing to cope with the grief she felt when her three-year-old son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. The stories have been pouring out her ever since.

As a teen, I was obsessed with Lurlene’s work, so this interview was both surreal and incredible for me to record. We talk about her writing process, how the industry has changed since she started, and how—as an artist—your work must evolve as you grow and your audience ages. Lurlene, who’s now in her 70s, has tips on everything from honing your natural talent into a craft to how to stay motivated.

Even if you’re not a writer, there are still gems here for everyone.

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Show notes [times are approximate]:

Growing up in the South [01.56]

Storytelling and writing [2.38]

Having a baby with a lifelong illness [4.09]

The talent versus the craft of writing [5.05]

Writing as a coping mechanism [7.03]

Life through the eyes of the chronically ill [9.13]

How writing changed Lurlene’s life [11.28]

Treating writing as a business [12.07]

Knowing your strengths [13.31]

Starting a writing career today [18.00]

Changes in the publishing industry [18.40]

The writing process [19.15]

Structuring the writing schedule [22.06]

What to do when it’s hard to write [25.00]

Inspiring people to read [27.27]

Lurlene’s pivotal career moments [27.49]

Where the ideas come from [32.00]

Self-doubt [35.08]

Sticking with your dreams [36.51]

Moving and a fresh start [39.10]

Getting up early to seize the day [40.30]

Traveling more [42.30]

Finding your tribe [44.09]

Advice for young people [45.30]

How to contact Lurlene [48.19]

Top ten e-title re-release [49.15]

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