My parents named me Andrea and my friends call me Dre.

I'm totally obsessed with all things nutrition. But I also love good food. Like, a lot. Some might call that a conundrum but I don't buy it. Instead, it's forced me to find healthy, sustainable ways to enjoy all of my food, all the time, despite being gluten-free. If that sounds impossible to you right now, don't worry.

I'm here to show you that it's 100% possible to get a handle on your habits and learn how to incorporate gluten-free into your daily vocab without giving up your lifestyle. 

My Story

When I was 12, my parents were watching me run around on the basketball court and they thought, "Hm. Andrea's bird legs are a lot smaller than all those other kid's bird legs. Maybe she's got Celiac." This being 1996, gluten-free wasn't really a "thing" yet but lucky for me, my mom had been diagnosed a few years prior, so our fam was hip to something for the first time in our lives.

For my last gluten meal before I shunned it for good, my mom took me to Subway where I proceeded to order a meatball sub and cry my eyes out in the car.

Since then, it's been quite the ride as I've learned the ins-and-outs of harboring an auto-immune fugitive inside my body. "Food as medicine" had always been my M.O. because it had to be, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I really started to dial in to the power that food has on our overall health. 

Once I started paying attention, I became obsessed. We're talking fermenting kimchi and kombucha, forcing my husband to drink weird elixirs, reading every nutrition book I can get my hands on, pouring over scientific studies and generally annoying the hell out of my friends and family with my near-constant barrage of emails and texts about gluten, sugar, alcohol, get the idea. 

Finally, I found my people when I signed up at The Academy of Culinary Nutrition and earned my certification as a Culinary Nutrition Expert.

In 2018, I'm taking two, 10-month certification courses: one with the Nutritional Therapy Association and the other with functional nutritionist Josh Gitalis. Both will further teach me how to uncover the root causes of disease using an integrative evidence and food-based approach to healing.

Even with a strict gluten-free diet, the road to health hasn't been easy for me and I've spent plenty of time and money trying to get well. I know how it feels to feel overwhelmed, angry, frustrated and scared, and I want to use what I've learned to help you find your vitality, get back your mojo and move on with your life.

Because honestly, I know you have better things to do than feel like death all the time or get embarrassed ordering at a restaurant.

Media Bio

Andrea Wien is a writer, chef and Certified Nutrition Expert with a specialty on gluten-free diets and lifestyles. She's written for numerous well-known publications, including Forbes, Thrillist, The Huffington Post and Seattle Weekly.

Currently, she hosts, "Meant To Be Eaten," a food-centric podcast on Heritage Radio Network.

Want to know more? Head to or follow her on Instagram @dreeats.