Welcome to the freshness

What is this space? In truth, it’s a living, breathing thing, so in some ways, I’ll figure it out as I go along. But my goal here is to showcase the makers, and I’m starting with small batch food purveyors. Because yum.

But also, because I believe that all (okay, most) of them have a story worth sharing. The finance dude who quit to start a za’atar business with his mom. The sisters who put aside their dad’s caution and launched their pretzels anyway (to rave reviews). The chef who realized she could bring the flavors of her hometown to the nation through a salsa.

There’s a special place in my heart for these types of people, for these types of stories. And outside of a well-crafted marketing pitch, I don’t think they’re celebrated nearly enough. These stories are messy. They’re fun. They’re peppered with doubt, excitement and good old fashioned hustle. They’re LIFE.

So this will be a place to spread stories, to share skills and to support each other on this crazy ride we’ve all found ourselves on. There’s a whole lotta good out there. Let’s get to it.